Lynette Gibson McElhaney

City of Oakland Councilmember for District 3

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Public Safety & Violence Prevention

The homocides, exploitation of our children, and domestic violence in our community continues and they must be combated tooth and nail. Last year, thanks to your ardent support and bravery in sharing your experiences, we were able to create the Department of Violence Prevention. This year, we press on to hold the administration accountable to the department's legislative intent so we may preserve the integrity of the department and maintain the respect of those who fought so hard to advocate for it.

Neighborhood Issues

Homelessness and housing remain the most pressing issues we face in Oakland and we are doing whatever we can to address them. We believe housing is a right and we will be continuing our advocacy with the aim of serving ALL constituents, be they sheltered or unsheltered, while working to ensure community voices are heard and amplified.    

Black Arts Movement District (BAMBD)

Oakland's rich African American heritage is of world renown and we aim to keep it that way. With the BAMBD, we will be lifting up and preserving what makes Oakland special: it's murals, artists, and traditions while pressing forward with a strategy of economic development through art. 

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